We are here for you to make sure we can give you all the tools you need to stop bullying in your school

We are excited to announce that the OutBully beta platform will be launching shortly! In order to start using the OutBully Beta Platform in your school or school district please click the button below to register your school at the OutBully Register website.

The Beta OutBully Platform is currently available to any school in the United States or Canada. If you would like to register your school for OutBully but your school in not located in The United States or Canada please click the international tab button to learn more on how to add your school. All schools who register will gain access to the features below.

  • Mobile Support
  • Dedicated support team for your school
  • Access to the OutBully school dashboard to manage reports
  • Unlimited Students
  • Built in Analytics
  • Built in Dashboard
  • OutBully Messenger Bot
  • Instant Help Line

Add Your School

If you have registered your school through OutBully Register you are on your way to creating a safer environment for all of the students in your school!

Once you have registered your school you will receive a followup email shortly within 24 hours from our team. We tailor the OutBully platform for every school in order to make sure it will work for your students. We will send you your OutBully dashboard login details and you will have implemented OutBully in your school!


Our goal at OutBully is for every student to be heard and to stop bullying in schools around the globe and we plan to expand to more countries shortly.

If your school is not located in Canada or the United States but you would like to register your school for OutBully you can contact us below and we will make sure your school will be able to use the OutBully platform. You can email us at [email protected] or click the button below.

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If you are interested in learning more about OutBully please click on the tiles below. Click below to register your school with OutBully

The OutBully Team

We have all had close expericnes with bullying and are united to bring bullying to a end and give every studnet a voice to stand up.

Jaxon Stevens

Co-Founder, Developer

Tristan Wiley

Co-Founder, Backend

Sienna Pagett

Co-Founder, HR